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"Words From The Spirit" is a powerful collection of original messages which has come to transport you on the journey of life development and lead you to greater spiritual connection. Explore these words and ascend to a higher level of enlightenment and insight in your daily spiritual life. Discover the force of your spiritual energy as you respond to words that move your spirit and stimulate your mental awareness and physical activity. The spirit is the origin of truth, and words that come from the spirit deliver truth to its destination in the universe. The source of these "Words From The Spirit" is a universal spirit that empowers you to claim these words as your own as you travel on your course in the universe and move closer to your destination.


Robert V. Joseph was born in Oakland, California and raised in several locations in Northern California. He graduated from Stanford University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in African & African-American Studies. After he worked for a year in San Francisco as a legal clerk at a law firm, he moved to Los Angeles and worked for fifteen years as a professional actor. He won praise from the Los Angeles Times and other publications for his work in the legitimate theatre industry, made his feature film debut in the motion picture "Luck of the Draw" in 2000, and appeared on national television on ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, and USA television networks. He has also worked in sales and marketing in Los Angeles and New York City and has served as a speaker at corporate events. In his personal life, he is a martial artist with a black belt from Shotokan Karate of America. "Words From The Spirit" is his first work as an author. He shares his passion for life development and spiritual connection in the book and when he speaks at events across the United States. He resides in New York City.