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Over 60,000 copies sold! Comprehensive tattoo artist training manual. For tattoo apprentice and professional tattoo artists. Also great for clients interested in tattoo process and technique.


CR Jordan has been tattooing since June 2000, but (regretfully) not on a consistent basis. In 2001 He joined the Army and was stationed in Germany, where he apprenticed under Sven Bohmer in Wiesbaden for 2 years. He moved to Hawaii and tattooed, but only in between deployments to the Middle East with the Army Reserves. In 2009 he authored "Basic Fundamentals of Modern Tattoo" while on a deployment to Iraq. CR Jordan returned to Phoenix Arizona for a short stint and tattooed at Glendale's Top Rocker Tattoo before heading off to Afghanistan to support the Marine Corp. (2010) He is currently finishing up the book "The Advanced Tattoo Apprentice" and hopes to have it on the shelves before 2011. When he is unable to tattoo, Jordan is writing about tattoo and trying to improve not only his own craft - but that of every new artist in the industry.


This book won t teach you how to tattoo like a professional.
This book wont teach you how to make a million dollars by opening your own tattoo studio in a week.

You should really be weary of any book that does promise that. This book WILL get you started with the basic foundation for your apprenticeship. Written for the apprentice by someone who competed a formal tattoo apprenticeship, documenting the lessons learned along the way. The best way to learn to tattoo is as an apprentice, but some things you should know going into the situation. Just because we stress an apprenticeship does not mean that this 240+ page manual is lacking by any means! Basic Fundamentals of Modern Tattoo covers everything from how to build a tattoo machine to what types of needle configurations are best for each task. The best part of the book is that you get access to 'Teach Me To Tattoo' an interactive website designed specifically for the book. Where you can ask questions and get detailed information about each section of the book. As more information is added to the website the value increases.

Registered copies of the book will allow the reader to gain access to the TMTT Portal online for as long as the portal is in existence at no additional charge. If you are a tattoo apprentice then you should definitely have this piece of literature in your toolbox.

Learn about the components of tattoo machines, how to tune a tattoo machine, about different needle configurations, what pigments are best for the job, sterilization standards, and industry secrets / tips. Follow the goals and milestones laid out in a concise and easy to understand manner, with detailed graphics and illustrations (many computer generated for detail). Get recommendations on what gear is considered top quality, and tricks on how to use after-market parts on your machines to get the most bang for your buck.

Remember that the best tattoo artists will always tell you to complete an apprenticeship, the only secrets in the tattoo industry are the answers to the questions you have not yet asked. Tattoo Apprentice, Learn tattoo, tattoo tricks, tattoo tips, tattoo guide.