Alien Craft, UFO's and Alien Technology
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The e-book ?Aliens, Ufo?s and Alien Technology? contains over 70,000 words of previously unpublished information about aliens. Giving three worked examples of alien technology, there is included a virtual scientific report on two methods of ' planet hopping?. Yes, people want to know more about aliens, how aliens think and of course their purpose here on earth, so be properly informed about this particular species of aliens. There are many types of aliens, some benevolent, but a few are malevolent. This book deals with 'Aliens of the worst kind', The Reptoids. As for this species of aliens, 'The Reptoids', you dont want to meet them, it would be better if you did not, it?s as simple as that. Should you meet 'them', you must know that there are no evasive tactics. 'The Reptoids' regard this planet as 'theirs' and they are just waiting until our technology develops sufficiently before making their move. Once 'The Reptoids' have what they want, are we expendable?, or will we be rescued?. Whilst I could have used a series of Fact Sheets to convey the massive amount of information concerning this particular species of aliens, my book agent suggested that all this info be written into a story instead. Here is that story, shocking in places, scary in others, mankind will have to deal with these aliens one day and we will need to be the winners, or die trying to be.