Pinnacle Of Deceit
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Pinnacle Of Deceit is a highly accomplished thriller from author Eric Rill. Set in the gilded world of luxury hotels, high-stakes politics, drug czars, and money launderers, it follows the astonishingly successful lives of four men who share a dark secret from their troubled past in an Arizona orphanage, and a sadistic killer bent on hunting them down.

Anthony Marshall, self-made owner of the world’s largest luxury hotel chain, Pinnacle Hotels—Gerald Pratt, his tortured accomplice—Ricardo Sanchez, the world’s most ruthless drug lord—and Harmon Baker, an aspiring congressman who becomes an accidental world leader—are all caught up in a web of intrigue that not only pits them against a merciless outside force, but also against one another.

As the plot surges through the glamour capitals of the world to its shocking conclusion in Montreal, the price that the relentless pursuit of wealth and power can extract is made devastatingly clear.

Pinnacle Of Deceit will have you frantically turning pages until the very end.

In the style of Robert Ludlum, David Baldacci, and Nelson DeMille.


Eric Rill was born in Montreal and graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelor of Arts, and from UCLA with an MBA. He held several executive positions in the hospitality industry, including president of a global hotel group. His hobbies include trekking, scuba diving, and collecting antique carpets.
Eric has two sons and divides his time between his residence in Panama and international travel. You can reach him at his website at:


From Amazon
Pinnacle of Deceit marks the arrival of a strong new contender in the thriller-writer stakes. In his debut, Montreal-born Eric Rill shows a real knack for adrenalized action that will have you flipping the pages at a furious rate, beginning with the attention-grabbing prologue. A murder in an Arizona orphanage in 1958 introduces the central characters whose lives will remain intertwined until a seemingly inevitable and violent confrontation over four decades later. In the interim, the protagonists have become highly successful and powerful in their chosen pursuits. Harmon Baker is president of the United States, Ricardo Sanchez a greedy and brutal drug lord, and Anthony Marshall the founder and head of Marshall Pinnacle Hotels, an international chain of luxury hotels that indulge every whim of their elite customers. That's where the "Pinnacle" of the book's title comes in, and Marshall provides the deceit as well. Once his double dealings are discovered by his wife Caroline and his protégé Justin Pratt, the web of corruption he has spun begins to unravel, with lethal consequences. The centres of action move at lightning speed among New York, Washington, Montreal, London, South Africa, and Mexico, with nary a pause for breath. Of course, these characters are so rich they don't need to bother collecting frequent flyer miles.
Rill's previous gig was as president of a global hotel group, so his experienced insights into the way a luxury hotel operates are a fascinating extra here. Those who love riveting suspense and a twist in the tale will find Pinnacle of Deceit a Rill-y good read. --Kerry Doole