Educating Angels
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What if we taught our children to become more than producers and consumers?

We tell our children that each one is a gift, maybe even that each one is gifted. And then we sent them to schools whose dictates encourage very little critical thinking. As one longtime K-12 Superintendent said recently, “We turn out excellent counter workers for McDonalds, but very few who can think like a middle manager.” Are we really valuing our babies highly if we neglect their inner directions, their personal aspirations? Our typical success story is not the excelling student who performs well in the classroom, but the garage-workshop entrepreneur who is often a dropout. Professor Armstrong urges parents, school boards, and policymakers to spend more time focusing on the student as a unique individual, rather than as a potential cog in the machinery of society.


Tony Armstrong, a teacher for twenty-five years, has spent the past twenty years as a full-time professor of political science at Wesley College in Delaware. Prof. Armstrong has also consulted with the Delaware Department of Education. His a Ph.D. in political science is from the University of Washington, his M.A. in political science is from Philipps University in Germany, and his B.A. in psychology is from Boise State University. This is his third book.


“As soon as I opened Educating Angels, I felt I was in the presence of a visionary whose voice is critical to our current education policy-making. I have been in hundreds of schools, first as a counselor and teacher, then as a teaching storyteller, finding myself face to face with at least one million children. Armstrong is so often right. This book is a revelation. Read it; give it to a school board member.”
--Jim May, Former Illinois school teacher and counselor, now a teaching storyteller, author, and Emmy-winning performer

“Answering the question ‘What does it mean to be well-educated?’ with a provocative paradigm shift, Educating Angels is a must-read for anyone truly seeking the best for our children and our society. Tony Armstrong's cogent, persuasive argument is the perfect complement to our current STEM-centered educational environment.”
--Caren Neile, Ph.D., author, The Great American Story.