Twisted Turban
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Twisted Turban centres on a heart-rending story of hardship and unfulfilled romantic love between two people facing the inevitable approach of death and decay in a caste-based society. Through true-life accounts, it provides an unparalleled insight into the lives of Sikhs in India and the Asian diaspora across Africa, Europe and America. Full of humour, insight and keen observation, the book is an account of a personal journey and at the same time a commentary on some of the problems of today’s society. As an intellectual and an academic, the author has never ceased to wonder at the cynical and often gullible cultural and religious assumptions of Sikh society. Naginder Sehmi was born in Kenya and has now retired to French-speaking Switzerland, but at heart he remains an Indian and a Sikh who has spent much of his life exploring and challenging the borders between eastern and western cultures and the frontiers between science and spirituality.