Red Card
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This is a tale of a small group of people, dissatisfied with life on earth and determined to start a different way of life on another planet. To ensure that no-one can escape the intolerable New World Order imposed on the Earth, space travel has been forbidden - or, indeed, any venture into space. In reaction to this, a small band of adventurous people, mainly scientists, have joined together to plan and work to evade the throttlehold of a world dictatorship - in an isolated place, a desert no less, surprisingly, in a remote area of China! Secrecy, of course, is of the utmost importance. Will they succeed in building a spacecraft that will take them outside the earth’s atmosphere - and propel them to a new life of freedom and adventure, to a new world where they can seed to form a new earth and where there are new heavens and new untethered ideologies? The book is a page-turner, not just on account of the impetus of the story, but because of the fascinating, yet believable technological innovations that emerge as a result of the lateral and collaborative thinking of the individuals concerned.