Carry On Ambulance
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In the early 1960s, the main qualifications for acceptance into the ambulance service were the possession of a clean driving licence and a strong back. Tradesmen, mechanics, carpenters, car workers and ex-service personnel, after a minimal amount of training, could all assume the role of ambulance driver/attendant. That all stopped in 1965, when the Miller Report recommended that ambulance services should provide treatment as well as transport. I have compiled this book of over 100 stories to pass down to posterity some of the extraordinary, bizarre and comical moments of the past forty-odd years. Many of these events happened before political correctness had been invented. In the interests of all concerned, the names and locations have been altered to protect the guilty. All the stories are true. I dedicate this book to ambulance driver Len, who gave 43 years’ service to the cause.