A Path to Excellence
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From the author of “A Path to Wisdom,” “#Loneliness,” and “The Unfakeable Code®” comes another self-mastery book designed to help readers grow into their fullest potential and climb to greater heights.

Award-winning life strategist and business coach Tony Jeton Selimi has observed that far too many people give in to their disempowering beliefs and settle for mediocrity from the fear of failure, judgment, and other people's expectations of them. It is for this reason that he releases “A Path to Excellence” (published by Balboa Press).

This book aims to empower readers to go beyond perceived limits and face their doubts and excuses in all aspects of life — be it in their relationships, family, school, career, business, ministry, community, etc. Here, the author discusses the principles of The Octagon Of Excellence™ and shows them how to address every challenge mindfully, sharpen their focus, improve their mental readiness, control distractions, and give constructive feedback through collaboration, re-evaluation, and self-reflection as they go through the eight inevitable cycles of life. Included as well are anecdotes of clients from all professional backgrounds and businesses who have used the eight transformational principles and achieved phenomenal results, growth and transformation that otherwise would seem impossible. Those who are feeling anxious, frustrated and dissatisfied their lives will find “A Path to Excellence” an excellent daily companion.

“The pursuit of excellence will always, always, always be the better option when compared to settling for mediocrity,” Selimi states. “I want to give them (readers) a road map to win the inevitable and ever-evolving life challenges and the battles they'll encounter on their journey to grow into their fullest potential.


Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Tony Jeton Selimi, born in Gostivar, a town in the Northern Republic of Macedonia, went from being abused, critically ill, bullied, surviving a civil war, and living homeless and broke on the streets of London, to graduating from one of the top engineering universities in the U.K., climbing the corporate ladder, and managing and leading multi-billion technology transformation programs. In 2012, he followed his heart's calling and chose to start his entrepreneurial journey and found TJS Cognition Ltd, a company dedicated to exploring, expanding, and evolving the frontiers of human awareness and potential. His unshakeable mission is to inspire and teach men and women of all professions, nationalities, creeds and colors how to become purposeful and disciplined masters of themselves and dedicated and inspired leaders and teachers of others. In just a decade, he went from being unknown to internationally recognized TEDx speaker, multi-award-winning author of several books, filmmaker, executive producer and one of the world's leading authorities on human behavior, the psychology of achieving excellence, great health, wealth, empowered and purposeful living, leading and loving. He travels the world assisting people from all professions and businesses from all market sectors engaged in high-stress performance, productivity, and purpose missions to achieve their greatest aspirations faster, and more effectively and efficiently. For more details about Selimi and his works, visit https://tonyselimi.com.


About the Author
Chapter 1: Introducing Excellence
Chapter 2: It Takes Guts to Climb to Greater Heights
Chapter 3: The Octagon of Excellence
Chapter 4: Adios, Mental Confusion: The Source of Avoidable Headaches
Principle 1: To Break Free from Ambiguity, Clarify What You Want, Why You Want It, and When You Want It
Chapter 5: Fine-Tune Your Vision of Excellence
Principle 2: Awakening Your Astronomical Vision Requires Committing to Something Bigger Than Yourself
Chapter 6: Avoiding Challenges Is Futile: Facing Them Is Courageous
Principle 3: To Build Your Resilience, It Is Wise to Immediately Confront Any Issues That Arise and Respond Mindfully
Chapter 7: Stop When Something Does Not Feel Right or Look Right
Principle 4: Making Mistakes Is Human: Correcting Them Awakens Your Excellence
Chapter 8: Bridge the Gap between Your Current Life and Your Desired Life
Principle 5: For Better, More Efficient, and More Effective Results, Seek Expert Advice
Chapter 9: Be in Sync with Evolution
Principle 6: To Grow on the Inside and Expand on the Outside, Collaborate
Chapter 10: What Goes Around Comes Around
Principle 7: To Unleash the Power of Gratitude, Graciously Give and Accept Compliments
Chapter 11: Leverage the Power of Acknowledging Your Achievements
Principle 8: Continuously Celebrating Small Wins Can Change Your Physiology, Strengthen Your Psychology, and Maximize Your Potential
Chapter 12: You Are Destined for Brilliance—Honor It
• Who Can Benefit from Using A Path to Excellence?
• What’s Next?
• Transformational Products
• A Path to Wisdom
• #Loneliness: The Virus of the Modern Age
• Fit for Purpose Leadership #3
• The Unfakeable Code®
• Take Off the Mask: Your Soul Is Waiting (Channeled Poetry)
• Living My Illusion: The Truth Hurts
• Into Your Divinity: Climb to Greater Heights
• Mindfulness for Higher Productivity, Performance, and Profits
• TJS Evolutionary Meditation Solutions
• Vital Planning for Elevated Living
• Notes


“Discover the mindset, principles, and steps to seamlessly marry the intangible tenets of individual excellence philosophy with practical, easy-to-consume strategies that can be implemented quickly and help any individual or organisation transcend the status quo and grow to their fullest potential.” Dr John Demartini, Human Behaviour Specialist

"A life manual that assists you in understanding how the Law of Attraction works, and it gives you valuable insights into the science of changing your mindset that will support you in achieving excellence." Marie Diamond, Global Transformational Teacher, a star from The Secret

“The solution to using a blend of science and spiritually based principles to help you achieve greater levels of confidence, growth, resilience and success.” Dr. Pietro Emanuele Garbelli

“This is a well-researched and methodically written book full of insights to help you overcome the barriers of prejudice, stress, and depression and fulfil your dreams. Every chapter empowers your brain with the Octagon of Excellence, scientifically proven principles that teach you to abandon your comfort zone and recognize many possibilities outside your limits. In this case, it answers why people give up and what to do, giving examples of successful people, how to handle challenges and make difficult decisions mindfully.” Anila Gremi Kushova.

“Tony’s latest book, A Path to Excellence, is the like a modern bible that helps you grow through facing the never-ending challenges the inevitable eight phases of life bring into your life. He shows you how to say no to living an average life and thriving in this equally chaotic and orderly world. A must-read book for anyone looking for priceless life lessons that educate and guide our minds to the path that leads to fulfilling our wildest dreams.” Paul McMonagle

“An impressive masterpiece that will transform your existence. Tony’s new book shows you how to practically overcome different life problems so you can remain confident, focused, and inspired as you pursue your wildest personal, relationship, financial, career or business goals. After every chapter, you will feel that your brain is empowered with the Octagon of Excellence science and spiritually infused principles that bring you on a path to succeeding with authenticity and integrity.” Dr. Sc. Todorche Stamenov

“Tony’s new masterpiece teaches you how to abandon the comfort zone and recognise many possibilities outside of it. You’ll learn why you give up and procrastinate and what to do in this case. The book is full of inspiring examples of successful people and client success stories filled with priceless lessons on handling challenges, making difficult decisions, and succeeding in every critical area of life.” The Hon Richard Evans, Founder, Director & Chief Executive Officer Founder of Octavius

“This must-read book is a product of thirty years of cross-disciplinary research into the science of transforming your mindset and making your wildest dreams possible; a book that everyone can benefit from during times of doubts, hardship, and uncertainty. An expert like Tony J. Selimi, instead of lamenting about the challenging times of Covid19 and the war in Ukraine, worked very hard and gave birth to two life-mastery books, The Unfakable Code® and A Path to Excellence. A great example of how to remain committed to personal excellence and turn every life predicament into blessings and building blocks for a better future.” Georgi Milushev, Program Manager II at Amazon

“I invite people to read this book over and over again, and you will see how your life will change; I think that it is an enormous privilege to have this visionary person among us; with his books, he is awakening our consciousness of how to be better persons and how to build a better world in the direction of Excellence. The eight steps of the Octagon of Excellence method are easy to follow and a step-by-step guide to address challenges mindfully, overcome distractions and sharpen your focus. With love to my dearest friend, spiritual teacher and one of the greatest transformational life coaches who intuitively guides you into your greatness, Tony J. Selimi.” Anna Orchard, Marine Surveyor and Consultant at Caribbean Marine Surveyors Ltd