Inspired by Forty

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Inspired by forty is a collection of quotable quotes that have been purposefully written and packed with wisdom nuggets to ignite a call to action in the reader. Words are powerful and the right ones do not only have the power to change lives but transform them. These words of wisdom will enable you build the foundation to have insightful guidelines that will enable you stay on the course you choose to take. We are the captains of our own lives. Like a ship’s radar the Inspired by forty quotable quotes shall enable the captains steer their lives in the direction they so choose. Easy to memorise, simple to refer to and resoundingly exciting they are. Read and find out for yourself. Welcome onto the ship of the insightful.


Richard Mwebesa is a voice of inspiration. A Life coach, motivator, Business Development & Marketing Consultant, Mentor, Lyricist and Poet. He is the Author of the Life transforming book entitled: Out of the Crowd – The Ultimate guide to mastering the art of standing out.
He is a Certified Business Professional Master Executive, holds an MBA and is a seasoned marketing, business development and sales professional with vast experience in those fields. He currently works with a leading diversified financial services group in East and Central Africa. He has worked with leading brands in Uganda in the Insurance and Technology space and does consultancy work with the Insurance Training College of Uganda (ITC). He is passionate about helping others find and define their why and purpose, developing systems and unlocking potential within others.