Belonging – The tale of an orphaned girl

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More About This Title Belonging – The tale of an orphaned girl


“Belonging” is Patience’s personal narrative on life from one’s naive, seemingly desperate and largely unpromising upbringing childhood to a hopeful and satisfying state of maturity. It is an endearing story of how one can overcome the narrow and childish feelings of a lonely toddler, gain teen courage and eventually develop into an assertive and confident adult. It is equally a detailed tale of how hope, belief resilience and good nurturing can demystify the belief that one cannot control his or her own destiny. It is lastly a befitting acknowledgment of one’s exercise of determination and far-sightedness over all manner of challenges and imponderables in life.
Are you that person, yearning for love or one that wants to give hope and empower those around you while finding your belonging? Then this book is for you. In here, Patience unravels her innermost personal experiences, mistakes and lessons of an orphaned life of any child yet thrusting a strong, candid and audacious character within us for self-empowerment.


Patience Kamarunga is a zealous lover of God, an excellent Administrator and HR generalist, a counsellor of all seasons and an exceptional motivator, a graduate of Social Sciences who also holds postgraduate degrees in Management, Administration and Human Resources. A random writer of my beautiful little pieces; a wife to an amazingly loving husband Nelson, and a mother of two ridiculously adorable children Eliora and Jeremiah.