Letter to My Partner

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In the last volume of our Letter series, we invited 18 contributors to write to their partners.
These heartfelt words are at once a celebration of romance and that first flush of love. Perhaps what needs to be said, things to be thankful for, but they’ve never had the chance to do so.
Perhaps hurts they had inflicted over time on their partners, but never made amends for; such matters left unresolved eventually become a thorn in the relationship.
These private words, publicly uttered, reflect on how marriage is not always the happily-ever-after movies portray it, but a coming-to-terms with differences and distances, trauma and pain.

Contributors include:
Jon Gresham, Donna Tang, Hamish Brown, Ning Cai, Marc Nair, Baskaran Narayanan, Nuraliah Norasid, Anisa Hassan, Tara Dhar Hasnain, Laila Jaey, Shirlene Noordin, Md Sharif Uddin, Hernie Mamat, Fann Sim, Shirley Kwan, Amy Chia, Paul Rozario-Falcone, Adib Jalal