Deep Learning with PyTorch Lightning
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"Kunal Sawarkar is a principal data scientist at IBM. He is responsible for transforming people, processes, and products that impact companies through analytics and empowerment with data. He provides end-end expertise on the AI-Ops lifecycle; from data engineering to modeling to architecture to deployment to post-deployment monitoring and explainability. He has built eminence for Watson AI products by solving avant-garde ML problems that demand innovation & research. He is a speaker at various technical conferences’ like Data & AI Forum, Think, Software Universe, Ignite, etc. He is very passionate to utilize AI for wildlife and environment conservation.

Dheeraj Arremsetty has several years of experience in guiding the business in Data science and technology, architecting and delivering concepts into viable business solutions, driving customers and users by value-added services, architecting and delivering leading-edge technology solutions for global companies. Recognized for strength in building highly scalable end-to-end data science platforms and technologies built on cloud infrastructure, big data, machine learning, deep learning, real-time architecture, data models and analysis, tools, and processes. Offering a unique combination of management experience, technical ability, and solid education with a proven history of consistent success across numerous disciplines."