Practical Discrete Mathematics
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Discrete math deals with studying finite and distinct elements. With this book, you’ll learn the discrete math language and methods crucial to studying and describing objects and functions in computer science. You'll also focus on the mathematics of machine learning and computer science and prepare to understand real-world algorithm development.


"Ryan T. White, Ph.D. is a mathematician, researcher, and consultant with expertise in machine learning and probability theory along with private-sector experience in algorithm development and data science. Dr. White is an assistant professor of mathematics at Florida Institute of Technology, where he leads an active academic research program centered on stochastic analysis and related algorithms, heads private-sector projects in machine learning, participates in numerous scientific and engineering research projects, and teaches courses in machine learning, neural networks, probability, and statistics at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Archana Tikayat Ray is a Ph.D. student at Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, where her research work is focused on machine learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) applications. She has a master's degree from Georgia Tech as well, and a bachelor's degree in aerospace engineering from Florida Institute of Technology."