Exploring GPT-3
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Gain a high-level introduction to GPT-3 and the OpenAI API with Exploring GPT-3. Get started without prior programming experience and learn how to work with GPT-3 for text generation, classification, semantic search, and more either without coding using the OpenAI Playground or by following simple code examples in both JavaScript and Python.


Steve Tingiris is the founder and managing director of Dabble Lab, a technology research and services company that helps businesses accelerate learning and adoption of natural language processing, conversational AI, and other emerging technologies. He has been designing and building automation solutions for over 20 years and has consulted on conversational AI projects for companies including Amazon, Google, and Twilio. He also publishes technical tutorials on Dabble Lab’s YouTube channel— one of the most popular educational resources for conversational AI developers—and manages several open-source projects, including the Autopilot CLI, Twilio’s recommended tool for building Autopilot bots. To connect with Steve, you can find him on GitHub tingiris or on Twitter tingiris.