Machine Learning Engineering with Python
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Machine learning engineering is an in-demand skill set, and it can be difficult to find a helpful guide on the topic. This book will help you solve business problems by addressing the pain points in creating standardized pipelines for taking proof-of-concept ML models to production and producing trustworthy results.


"Andrew Peter (Andy) McMahon is a machine learning engineer and data scientist with experience of working in, and leading, successful analytics and software teams. His expertise centers on building production-grade ML systems that can deliver value at scale. He is currently ML Engineering Lead at NatWest Group and was previously Analytics Team Lead at Aggreko.

He has an undergraduate degree in theoretical physics from the University of Glasgow, as well as master's and Ph.D. degrees in condensed matter physics from Imperial College London. In 2019, Andy was named Data Scientist of the Year at the International Data Science Awards. He currently co-hosts the AI Right podcast, discussing hot topics in AI with other members of the Scottish tech scene"