Coffeetime in Autumn

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I’ve seen gold, and I’ve seen silver, but I have never seen apples of gold in silver settings. My initial reaction is that such apples in such settings must reflect both tremendous value and exquisite beauty. There are words like that—words of tremendous value and exquisite beauty! And we can possess them even though they were all spoken so very long ago. We can possess them by reading the reports of them in the Bible and by reflecting deeply on what we have read.

So begins the first of these engaging and delightful readings from Roger Ellsworth as he connects ordinary life with the spiritual truths of God’s Word. Enjoy finding out about apples of gold in silver settings, the bulldozing of a quaint little house, the author’s home for twenty-one years, and the connection between the golden key and the silver chain—and benefit from ninety other life-changing reflections from the message of the Bible!


Roger Ellsworth is a retired pastor, active in ministry and writing, who lives in Jackson, Tennessee. He and his wife, Sylvia, love the message of the Bible, and they enjoy sharing the wonderful counsel of the Word of God in language that ordinary people can understand and appreciate. Roger has written numerous books on the Christian faith, and has exercised a preaching ministry for over fifty years. Roger and Sylvia have two sons, Tim and Martyn.