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She must save humanity. Even if it breaks her.Sawyer knows Coleman will return. Of that, there’s no doubt. What’s more, their army can’t beat them—even with her growing powers. But fate has placed the future of the human race in her hands, so she has to try.In the forest and mountains, she might find allies. She’ll need them. But more than that, she’ll need nerves of steel. Because leading the charge against humanity is a man she once trusted, she once loved. A man she thought was dead. A man who will stop at nothing to try and kill her. Kenzie.It will never end unless Sawyer can confront and defeat Coleman once and for all. A spaceship circling the earth is where everything must come to a head. A desperate mission to save a friend and defeat a foe.Her steely nerves can’t last forever, though. The question is whether she can hold on long enough to save her friends before the reality of what she must do breaks her.