Into Light
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She was the daughter of the President. She never expected to lead a rebellion.

With allies and plans falling into place, Poppy knows the time is near. To return to the capital. To face her father’s killer.

And when a plot to murder innocent civilians is discovered, she knows it’s time to act.

But little does she know there’s a traitor amongst them. And the betrayal runs deeper – and more deadly – than she could imagine.

With time running out, lives at risk, and the resistance in disarray, Poppy must dig deep to discover just how much courage she has.

The old Poppy could never do what was now necessary. Her enemies had always been one step ahead of her. But the old Poppy no longer exists. And the new one is determined to finally turn the tables.

To learn the truth.

To face the man she once loved.

And to finally free her nation.

With great characters, unexpected twists, and a story that races, this conclusion to the Shadow and Light series will keep you turning the pages until its dramatic end.