Sacrificial Mage
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When all the options are bad, change the rules of the game.

Safe from the Dark Mage, Reggie’s top priority is freeing her father. Surely, that will turn the tide in favor of the Resistance. But that’s much harder than she expected. And she has to hurry—Andrius will stop at nothing to break through the protective magic keeping her safe.

Complicating things is the Black Queen, a strange girl invading Reggie’s dreams. She’s begging Reggie to rescue her. But saving her will involve leaving the relative safety of the forest. And if that’s not dangerous enough, it could all be another of Andrius’s carefully laid traps.

To make matters worse, the Dark Mage has kidnapped Reggie’s mother and best friend and holds them hostage. A prisoner swap would put Reggie in Andrius’s hands and make him more powerful than ever. But Reggie has to try something—leaving those she loves to torture isn’t an option.

She has allies, though. Powerful allies. Together, they can plan a daring rescue mission, one that saves everyone, something Andrius doesn’t expect.

But plans can go astray.

Reggie has escaped the Dark Mage once, but his scheming goes deeper than she ever thought possible. And he holds all the cards. Saving her father, rescuing her mother, best friend, and the Black Queen? That all might just be too much—even with help. Can she outsmart Andrius one more time, or will her luck finally run out?