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More About This Title FORBIDDEN LOVE


A spoilt and wealthy daddy’s girl has to spend the summer with a self-made businessman. She represents everything he despises. But it’s just one step from hate to love.

The Work
Beautiful, sparkling and determined, Raphaelle Walton leads a dream life with a wealthy and loving father, lots of friends, luxury clothes and access to the trendiest parties in town. In short, her life is perfect. Or rather it was. Everything went wrong on the day she found herself in the family jet heading for Monaco along with her father and his business partner who had come to spend the summer with them: Carter Herrera, a fearsome businessman, as unbearable as he is seductive.
Right from the start, living together doesn’t work. Carter, an ambitious thirty-something who has single-handedly made a name for himself in the business world, finds it hard to put up with Raphaelle as a spoilt daddy’s girl. She represents everything he despises: arrogance, lustfulness and over-exuberance.
When Raphaëlle learns that her father is going to hand his whole empire over to Carter, and that her childhood villa is part of it, she tries everything to overturn the deal. Seducing him so that she can tell her father everything is part of the strategy. Things quickly get out of hand between them.

Key Sales Points
- More than 3,000 books sold in 4 months.
- The writer carries us away on a wave of misunderstandings, crazy situations and surges of contradictory feelings, including hatred, envy, jealousy, possessiveness, attraction, desire, and in the midst of all that, regret, guilt and love.
- A pleasing and addictive writing style.


Elena May is a young woman who has loved reading and writing from a very young age, but when she happened to discover, New Romance, it became a real passion. She has therefore set out on an adventure, creating novels that suit her and thrill like-minded readers who are also looking for emotion and passion in their reading. Elena May’s books are to be read quickly, even devoured whole, and they never cease to surprise you, page after page.

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