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More About This Title JUSTICE


On his way home from his training session, Nolan witnesses an attempted rape and decides to take action. Seriously injured, he considers his intervention a failure and decides to get help from a priest with unconventional methods.

The Work
On his way home from his training session, Nolan, a sportsman used to capoeira fighting, witnesses an attempted rape and decides to step in. Even if he manages to help the victim, he still ends up in hospital, seriously injured. This violent beating weighs on the young man’s mood, and he gradually drifts into depression, unable to bear what he considers to be a failure.
It is finally a meeting with a priest that will help him get back on his feet. It must be said that Father Franck has a very unique method for working with young people experiencing difficulties.
The two other teenagers he takes care of at the same time, Valentina and Hervé, have had a difficult life. But this unusual trio seems to share something more than a simple patient/therapist relationship.
Father Franck’s methods will however lead Nolan into strange and sometimes dangerous situations. Will he manage to overcome his own demons to regain serenity?

Selling Points
- The author’s writing is fluid and pleasant to read. This novel reads easily and very quickly.
- The more the reader progresses in the story, the more he wants to know. In this novel he’ll go from twist to twist.


In another life, Dario Alcide was a programmer and then a marketing manager. But this writer-born man quickly decided to devote himself to his passion for writing. In 2009, he published his first self-published novel, Farence: The Legend. It was followed by Farence: Le choix de Mira, Pentacle... Success came very quickly and in 2017, Dario Alcide left the corporate world after having published his first novel the previous year through a publishing house (Kereban, 404 Publishing). He now devotes himself to writing full time. As an author, Dario Alcide is fond of fantasy worlds (science fiction, fantasy...) and stories for teenagers and young adults.

Exhibited At: International book fairs