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More About This Title YOU, MUMMY, TO INFINITY


A happy story with a voice from the heart of the world’s mums. An appeal for world peace in filigree.

All the mums in the world are like each other, and all of them are different too. One sure thing is that each of them is unique, mine especially. She’s a whisperer of wisdom, a nightmare chaser and even a night-time travel organizer! The illustrations echo around the world. All mothers are multiple characters.

• A tender, poetic story about the universal bond between
mother and child.
• An open world view.
• 20,000 copies already sold.


Calouan is an environmental engineer. She puts words together, one after the other, creating worlds, moods and feelings. When not teaching environmental sciences, she knits stories for both young and old.
Jérémy Parigi is an illustrator from the south of France. As a prodigious consumer of cartoon books, he quickly gravitated towards studying Applied Arts.

Rights Sold

Exhibited At: International book fairs