I Do or I Don't

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In any marriage, it is extremely important to recognize that there are certain areas which must be guided and guarded. The five areas which can attract significant challenges and difficulties are as follows: role relationships, communication, physical relationships, finances, and parenting. Throughout this book, biblical content is sought to help couples be all they can be for God’s glory, and in so doing, be able to show the world Christ and the Church through their own personal marriage relationship.

Rich in biblical content, this book will help steer you carefully through the many situations that come the way of all parents.


In the ministry for over three decades, John Lehman has enjoyed many aspects of educational and pastoral ministry. One topic very dear to his heart is that of marriage. Since God formalized its importance early in the creation process, and since He used it as the focal point for showing the world the relationship between Christ and His Church, it is a topic that is even more dear to God's heart. Through the writing of this book, John hopes to encourage couples, whether engaged, newlyweds, seasoned marriage partner


1 Marriage—under the Master
2 Communicating in a Christlike way
3 Fostering Friendship in Your Marriage
4 The Loveliness of Love
5 The Intricacies of Intimacy
6 Loving Leadership and Submission with Satisfaction
7 Forgiving with “Intentional” Forgetfulness
Appendix A Honey, I’m Expecting a Baby
Appendix B Quantifying and Calibrating: Worksheets and Other Practical Stuff


In I Do or I Don’t, Dr. Lehman provides an insightful and practical resource for church leaders and couples alike. Readers will sense John’s gracious spirit as he encourages couples to strengthen their marriage for the glory of God using time-tested, biblical principles. John’s expertise flows, not just from years of counseling and pastoring and conference-speaking, but from leading a marriage that really works! Struggling couples should take heart … and take notes!
Brad Stille, Pastor of First Baptist Church of Wixom, MI

Gospel truth and biblical principles—this book will take both and bring them to bear on marriage. The Scripture is full of truth that will guide and direct our marriages. So, whether you are soon to be married or have been for years—read, meditate on, and apply the truths in this book.
Jeremy McMorris, Lead Pastor, Liberty Baptist Church, Dalhart, TX

In an age when marriage books guide couples with man-centered, self-help principles and ideas, I Do or I Don’t is a refreshing resource for couples who desire a Christ-centered, Spirit-empowered marriage. John’s book lays out the essentials of a godly marriage in an approach that is straightforward, easy to read, practical, and above all biblical. The teaching found within this book has personally impacted my marriage and has equipped me to counsel other couples. Thank you for this blessed resource!
Ben Ice, Family Life Ministries, Calvary Baptist Church, Simpsonville, SC

Every day is really a choice of I Do or I Don’t. I Do or I Don’t want to be humble. I Do or I Don’t want to be kind. I Do or I Don’t want to be patient. I Do or I Don’t want to be selfless. I Do or I Don’t want to be compassionate. I Do or I Don’t want to love like Christ loved the Church. I Do or I Don’t want to submit as unto the Lord. This books lays out a “how to” in following biblical guidelines and “how to” be that spouse who says, “I Do want to love as Christ loved the church in very practical terms.” I have lived alongside this man for thirty-three years and he has proven his faithfulness over and over again to me. Because he “practices what he preaches,” I Do encourage you to consider utilizing this book for your own personal edification and your own marriage enrichment, as well as assisting others.