Applying the Wisdom of the Word

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The wisdom of English minister Matthew Henry (1662-1714) has been gleaned from his masterwork "Commentary On The Whole Bible" and organized under two general headings—Wisdom and Folly—representing the basic dos and don’ts for the eternal soul. Each general heading is then sub-divided into multiple chapter headings dealing with topics relevant to every day life.


Dave G. Becher was born in Queens, NY, and raised on Long Island. He attained a B.A. from Stonybrook University. He has been reading and studying the Bible for over twenty-five years. He started on this work in 1994, by taking notes from Matthew Henry's masterwork 'Commentary On The Whole Bible.' Since then, Mr. Becher has read through the entire work four times. The last ten years have been spent typing up and gradually arranging those quotation notes into handy subject headings for this book, his second publication


Textual Note

Part I: Folly (Damnation)
1. Disbelief
2. Willful Disobedience
3 Scorners
4. Corruption
5. Pride, Vanity, Misplaced Faith in Man
6. Judges, Politicians National Sins
7. Pharisees
8. Hypocrisy
9. Carnality and Idolatry
10. Flattery, Lies, Deception
11. Judgment and Retribution

Part II: Wisdom (Salvation)
1. Repentance and Forgiveness
2. Pardon and Redemption
3. Mercy and Grace
4. Patience and Faith
5. Obedience and Perseverance
6. Communion and Prayer
7. Humility
8. Backsliding and Discipline
9. Rewards and Blessings
10. Service
11. Ministers
12. Prophecy