Entrepreneur to Author
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Small business owners are struggling to stand out in authority-driven fields.

They're losing deals to the competition, getting ignored by the media, and missing out on partnerships that could change the trajectory of their business.

Increasingly, entrepreneurs realize that authorship can help by building authority, generating quality leads, and providing IP that lets them efficiently scale their business. But most aren't confident in their ability to become an author...until now.

In Entrepreneur to Author, you'll learn:
- The secret to a book strategy that's in lock-step with your business strategy
- How to efficiently plan, write, test, and refine a high-quality manuscript so you can tend to your business, family, and personal priorities
- The ins and outs of getting your book published, including publishing models, costs, book formats, and distribution channels
- The foundational strategy for building authority and the three monetization strategies you can use to grow your business with your book

Using analytical, business-minded concepts, you'll gain confidence in your ability to become an outstanding first-time author, and in your book's ability to build your authority and grow your business in a way that scales up without burning you out.

If you're an ambitious entrepreneur, business leader, or subject-matter expert whose business success depends on your personal authority and professional credibility, then Entrepreneur to Author is your strategy guide to building authority and growing your business through writing and publishing.


SCOTT A. MACMILLAN is President and Executive Publisher at Grammar Factory Publishing. With more than twenty years’ experience in Media and Strategy including with global consulting firm Boston Consulting Group and as Head of Strategy for Rogers Media, Scott brings a unique, strategic perspective to entrepreneurial publishing.


INTRODUCTION: The Power of Publishing a Book

PART 1: Strategy and Planning
- Chapter 1: Align Your Business Strategy
- Chapter 2: Create a Reader Strategy
- Chapter 3: Define Your Content Strategy

PART 2: Transfer of Knowledge
- Chapter 4: Create a Book Blueprint
- Chapter 5: Rough-In the First Draft
- Chapter 6: Round Out the First Draft

PART 3: Editorial Excellence
- Chapter 7: Test and Self-Edit
- Chapter 8: Types of Editing
- Chapter 9: Publishing Models and Funding Sources

PART 4: Presentation
- Chapter 10: Packaging Your Book
- Chapter 11: Book Formats
- Chapter 12: Distribution Channels

Part 5: Sales Conversion
- Chapter 13: Book Promotion
- Chapter 14: Building Authority – The Foundational Strategy
- Chapter 15: Monetization Strategies

Your Entrepreneur to Author Journey

- Book Resources
- Tools and Other Resources
- Acknowledgments
- About the Author
- About Grammar Factory Publishing

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