Batey Ascending
Native American Futuristic Sports Short Story!
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Inspired by Alita: Battle Angel, Harry Potter's Quidditch game and the Tainos of the Caribbean.

Human life has a second chance to live after Earth's destruction. Only a few made it to the spaceship. Nico, a young man with nothing to lose chose to reset his life and joined space migrants. Desperate to have an Earth-like life in this need-based environment, humans took their yearning and this new technology to get themselves into an entertainment renaissance. That’s how Batey became the sport of the new times.
This futuristic take on the ancient Taino game gave Nico the chance to make new friends, to have the family he deserved, and even reunite with who he never thought to see again. In his way to trying to make a name for himself in this sport, adversity knocks on his door. But heart and willpower are not enough to combat enhanced cyborgs and genetically modified humans.
What does it take for Nico and his friends to win the match?
Does he stand a chance to create his newfound dreams into reality? Or will he crumble at the hands of his nemesis, Fred.RTG?


NicoPengin is a gamer tag that was inspired by a human named Nico. He showed me how to play multiple sports when I was younger. Unquestionably, the best way to honor him was to mix his name with Pengin. At the time I was signing up for Club Penguin, for those of us that remember, and I was not the best speller so the name just stuck and I have been using it ever since.

Even so, I have been an avid reader since my parents put a book in front of me, and I have been getting lost in the worlds of the words I read ever since. My imagination runs truly wild, as my favorite book series is Redwall by the late and great Brian Jacques, who wrote for blind children and used descriptions very vividly.


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Batey Ascending


I am a diehard Science Fiction fan, with a mild interest in sports. When looking for a short read I came across Batey Ascending and decided to give it a go.

Am I ever happy I did! Five stars across the board and a new author on my watch list.

Nico is one of the millions of humans who took up the Alien's amazing offer of refuge on their giant space ship. Earth was about to implode.

All the humans were treated equally … a space to live in, and all the basic necessities. After several years of settling in, it became apparent that entertainment was missing and thus the ancient sport of Batey was revived and re-invented to work in a no gravity environment.

Nico decided to give it a try … got hooked as was now working on "pro" status.

The competition is enhanced cyborgs and genetically modified humans.

The question is, can a ragtag group of humans even begin to compete?

This story line completes itself in this story, and leaves room for MORE! I'd love to see the MORE.

The Sci Fi Story: This honking big space ship shows up in Earth's orbit to witness its demise. The advanced technology aliens take pity on the humans and offer refuge.

They provide living accommodations, all necessities and actually allow humans access to their own technologies.

Though the world-building set up was there to support the futuristic Batey sports story, it really caught my interest.

I suspect that these aliens, who they are, where they came from and their technology could lead to the creation of a never ending series with the capability to take off in dozens of interesting directions and story lines.

I really enjoyed the story and am now waiting for MORE.

A highly recommended read. - Vision Quest from Amazon

The book is perfect and I appreciate it's creators ,they did a great job. - Shama Khan from Amazon