Myanmar: Land And Its People

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For more than half a century, Myanmar was a pariah state. The country known as Burma until 1989 was in the grip of a military dictatorship that brought this resource-rich Southeast Asian nation little but poverty, pain, and fear. The economy collapsed and a series of internal rebellions wrecked the country while it was trying to recover from the ravages of World War II.

This changed in 2011 when military-controlled elections were held and General Thein Sein emerged as president. He quickly began making reforms and brought the country’s opposition leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, into a dialogue that led to her winning a by-election in a sweeping victory for her party, The National League for Democracy. The Nobel Peace Prize laureate now has a seat in parliament. Political prisoners were released, censorship of the press ended, and efforts were made to end the long conflicts. Foreign sanctions began to be lifted and hope returned to the land. Thein Sein surprised everyone giving the people of Myanmar bright expectations for the future after many decades of despair.

Here then in pictures is the keepsake book for visitors and travellers who now freely visit Myanmar to admire its rich heritage and beautiful land.