55 Reflections of a Searching Skeptic
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More About This Title 55 Reflections of a Searching Skeptic


"Poetry, humor, illustrations, a personal examination of mental challenges along with a deep grasp of spiritual matters infuse this big, readable work by Rich Melcher.
Comprising 55 reflections and two ?postscripts,? Melcher?s collection is an enjoyable, random ramble through events of his life, showing how major issues such as bipolar disorder and Biblical truths have influenced him, along with significant encounters with people along the way. Reflection 20 introduces Melcher?s RROCKSS Code, a strategy for channeling energies and conducting one?s life more positively: Respect, Responsibility, Observation, Cooperation, Knowledge, Safety, and Service make up the Code, explained in detail with cogent examples from the author?s experience."

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