The Quest
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"Think about your job or career for a moment. Is your work pleasant, enjoyable, and inspiring? Does it provide you with opportunities to innovate and create using all of your natural talents and abilities? Does work energize you and bring you joy and happiness? Or, do you instead feel emotionally exhausted and cynical with a lack of any sense of personal accomplishment? If so, you are probably burned out. One thing is certain, you cannot live a life of happiness and passion driven purpose if you are burned out. Instead of finding deep satisfaction and happiness in your work it is probably something you have come to dread, like going back to work on Mondays. I should know. I became burned out once. I became burned out at my job as a family physician so I understand burnout. I know firsthand how personally and professionally devastating it can be and how costly it can become to organizations. I also learned what to do about it, how to FIX it! Being burned out means youâ™re merely surviving instead of thriving and, I think you will agree, that is no way to live this one life. Learn how to transform from being burned out to ON FIRE and find new meaning in your career and life. Within the pages of this book, I will show you how. You will learn: The three hallmarks of job related burnout. How burnout differs in women and men. How burnout is different from stress. The devastating mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual consequences of unremitting, unresolved burnout. The six underlying causes of workplace burnout. The difference between individual and workplace burnout. The exact opposite of burnout and to achieve it. I will show you: How to change the burned-out mindset. How to identify, mitigate, alleviate, eliminate and prevent job related burnout. The various ways to foster engagement in yourself and in the workplace. How to approach you companyâ™s administration to make needed change in toxic work environments. How eliminating burnout in the workplace can reduce staff turnover, reduce employee complaints, decrease customer complaints, improve products and services, all of which will increase profits. How it is possible to find purposeful work you love and are truly passionate about utilizing all your natural talents and abilities. 9 Steps to take right now! Donâ™t waste another minute just wishing your life was somehow different because youâ™ve burned out. REIGNITE and Transform from Burned Out to On Fire and Find New Meaning in Your Career and Life."