Vitalize - Book 2 in The Limitless Life Transformation System
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"Want to Take Your Game to The Next Level Without Injury of Fear? Imagine a life where performing at your highest peak is a given, and injury is no longer a concern. Where you’ve moved to the next level in all aspects of your life, and you are living and evolving as your very best self. Injury Free takes you on an epic and life changing journey through Richard Maloney’s ground-breaking ‘Quality Mind’ program, giving you the tools to alleviate injury and break the negative cycles and limiting beliefs that are holding you back. This step by step self-coaching book and its principles will unlock your inner super-powers, resulting in the best sports performance of your life, as well as increased happiness, health, wealth and thriving relationships. It’s a one stop shop to success and fulfillment, achieved through practical, actionable, proven mental training. Start reading now to: • Unlock your ultimate sports capability while minimizing or eliminating sports injuries and significantly increasing play time • Unleash new levels of energy and passion • Release your inner fears and dissolve limiting beliefs that are inhibiting your success • Discover and explore your higher mind and the extraordinary powers and abilities that it affords you once recognized • See many case studies from elite athletes who have experienced the program and its overwhelmingly positive outcomes, and are now reaping the rewards • Learn how to use the incredible, free Quality Mind app to maximize your results • And SO MUCH MORE! Injury-Free: Mental Training for Elite Athletes introduces you to our ultimate, world first, proven activation system, teaching athletes, sports managers and coaches how to handle the high pressure of elite sports and consistently reach the pinnacle of performance, game after game."