Marriage, Thistles and Flowers

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Marriage, Thistles & Flowers provides answers to the most commonly asked questions about marriage in the 21st century.

Barnie and Grace Achoki provide answers and insight on hundreds of questions that have been asked by writers to their Newspaper’s Relationships Column over the last several years.

Researchers will find frank and insightful answers to questions about:

• Pitfalls to avoid in marriage,
• Financial constraints,
• Infidelity,
• Romance,
• Single Parenthood,
• Remarriage and, conflict resolution.


Barney & Grace Achoki are columnists with The People Daily, where week by week they answer questions on matters relationships. They also feature on several Radio and TV stations and are frequent speakers in marriage conferences and couples’ retreats. They are cofounders of Two Ships Solutions where they help people in their relationships. They have been married for 25 years and so bring a wealth of experience not just in working with other couples but from their own marriage as well. They live in Nairobi Kenya and are blessed with three children.


Chapter One : Pitfalls to avoid in Marriage
Chapter Two : Conflict and Resolution
Chapter Three : Infidelity in Marriage
Chapter Four : Family Friendships
Chapter Five : Barrenness
Chapter Six : Violence in Marriage
Chapter Seven : Single Parenthood & Remarrying
Chapter Eight : Sex and Romance in Marriage
Chapter Nine : Religion, Beliefs & Culture
Chapter Ten : Parenting
Chapter Eleven : Finances in Marriage