Heal Your Soul History
Four-time award-winner, including two COVR 2020 Awards—sold 1200+ in North America
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More About This Title Heal Your Soul History


Is Re-incarnation ruining your life? Your past lives could be affecting the current one.

This, four-time national award-winning book, will change how you look at your life and the lives of others from now on. Even if you don't believe in reincarnation, understanding the spiritual imprints of your unique soul and how they're impacting your life today can help you gain power over the negative forces that hold you back.
Every page will take you on a soul excavation, helping you to cultivate spiritual awareness and fostering the opportunity to resolve deep-seated life patterns that shape your everyday relationships. Learn the spiritual effects of post-traumatic stress, depression, and anxiety: what they mean to you and what to do about them.
Be empowered by a living knowledge of yourself and your universe. Change your view of the underworld and know the magnitude of your power in any situation. This book is a game changer for anyone who suffers.
Fight the devil and win, one demon at a time:
Become a Slayer through your own spiritual process.
Learn what a spiritual imprint is and why you attract the things you do.
Understand how the culture you live in impacts your health on every level.
Develop your psychic and spiritual awareness and learn how a home altar can help.
Discover karmic life patterns and potentially resolve them forever.
Examine addiction, depression, and mental illness from a spiritual perspective.
Receive a new framework for healing, from the soul to the body.


Tracee Dunblazier GC-C, is a Los Angeles-based spiritual empath, shaman, and a seven-time national award-winning author. As a multi-sensitive, Tracee’s blend of intuitive information combined with different modalities, has provided the opportunity for many to achieve deep healing and create the success and peace they seek in their lives.
Empathic, delightfully vulnerable, and profoundly real—Tracee Dunblazier’s new keynote “Conquer Your Karmic Relationships” is an enlightening presentation that will open your mind to what is happening right in front of you: the multiple energetic dimensions we all share. No matter where you sit on the spectrum of understanding, Tracee makes tangible the connection between mental wellness and spirituality.
Dunblazier takes a look at your spiritual imprints and the repetitive patterns that position you in life on every level. Understanding what karma is, and learning all the ways to reveal, accept, forgive, and transform your relationships in every dimension. Not only to your beloveds and romantic entanglements, but how you relate to; food, money, family, culture, religion, sex, death, and your environment. This, sure to be standing room only seminar, will help you unearth the very core of what drives you—showing how to direct its power into usable, life-giving resources for you and all your relations.
Her compassionate, humorous, down-to-earth style empowers her clients, readers, and listeners to address difficult topics with courage and clarity. Because of this, Tracee is consistently called upon by the media for expert commentary on spirituality and relationship dynamics.
In 2015, Tracee founded GoTracee Publishing LLC. It has since grown to be a nationally awarded hybrid publisher that specializes in spiritual-healing memoirs, and divination oracle decks—tools for meditation and self-discovery. Their best-selling Demon Slayer’s Handbook Series and Rainbow Warrior Activation Deck offer light in dark places. They are game changers for those who suffer. GoTracee’s publications expand the reader’s understanding of spiritual transformation and offer the knowledge they need to live their best life.


Preface xvii
Introduction xxiii
Leaving the Past in the Past: Forgiveness 5
The Story of Higuemota Guevara 5
The Suicide Demons are Formidable 9
No judgment, only consequences 10
Greyson’s story 11
The Slayer’s Path: If You Can’t Move Forward, Step to the Side 14
Identifying your patterns 14
What is addiction? 15
Defying your emotions 16
The Slayer’s Motto: Asking for Help Makes Me Stronger 17
Mental illness 17
What to do if you hear voices telling you to kill 18
No shame in asking for help 18
Spiritual death and grief 19
Crying: Not just for women and babies anymore 20
The Anatomy of Change: The Seven Elements of Spiritual Process 21
The Slayer’s Pact: Live Well, Die Easy 22
Time for life 24
A life lived quickly and simply 24
Ascension begins 26
The epiphany 26
How I Met Higuemota 27
Reproductive coercion 30
The deliverance of Higuemota 32
The Slayer’s Ritual: Are you ignoring something vital? 33
The Slayer’s Altar: I Have All I Need 34
The Story of Xiao Xin 39
The Slayer’s Path: Stay in the Game 47
The devil and reality 47
The Slayer’s Motto: Not an Option 48
Learning to handle anger, fear, anxiety, and grief 48
Call for help 49
Stop, look, and listen 50
Decide what’s not an option 50
Decide the outcome in advance 50
Decide no one can be hurt 51
Decide to be effective or walk away 52
Learning to Trust Your Gut is Key 53
What’s in a name? 53
Resistance 55
The Slayer’s Pact: Respect your Elders 58
How I Met Xiao Xin 59
The Sacred Center 61
The Slayer’s Ritual: Becoming Aware of Your Sacred Center 63
The Slayer’s Altar: I Am Safe 64
The Story of Nina Broussard 69
The Slayer’s Path: Self-Control 77
Men, women, and connection 77
Sex, power, and the devil 78
Ladies and gentlemen with tails 79
Sexual entities without human hosts 79
Healing required 80
Livin’ the dream 81
Waking up from the dream 82
Even if there is love 83
It was one dark night: Janae’s story 83
The Devil Wants to Keep You Confused 86
Cycle of esteem 87
The sign on your head 87
The pot of gold and the meaning of destiny 88
Self-loathing: very costly, use sparingly 89
Self-loathing and self-pity 90
The Slayer’s Motto: I Am Perfect Exactly As I Am 91
Desire is the beast 91
The wanting 92
Returning to innocence 93
The Spiritual Process of Conflict 94
Enter the dragon 95
Battle of the will 95
Spiritual conflict 96
Mental conflict 96
Emotional conflict 96
Energetic conflict 97
Physical conflict 97
The Slayer’s Pact: Require Love to Prevail 98
How I met Nina Bruce 98
Love Is the Great Equalizer 102
The Slayer’s Altar: Self-Acceptance 105
The Story of Jasmine Lilywhite 111
The Slayer’s Path: Be Yourself 118
Love at any cost 118
Delusions are a girl’s best friend 119
New York City Is the Place You Oughta Be 120
At the Milford Plaza 122
The Slayer’s Motto: Good to Know 123
The Devil Wants You Needy 124
What relationships look like through self-acceptance 124
Communication with neutrality 125
Sacred marriage 126
The Slayer’s Pact: Never Run 127
The 50/50 rule 127
The spiritual process to how we heal 128
Why people don’t heal 128
Choosing to live 129
The importance of your environment 130
Surrender to a broken heart 131
The idea of karma 131
Weakness is receptivity 132
Accept defeat 132
Honesty 133
How I Met Jasmine Lilywhite 134
Loving yourself 138
Reinstating self-trust 138
The Slayer’s Ritual: Burden Transformation Protocol 141
The Slayer’s Altar: Gratitude 142
The Story of John and Adele Battle 147
The Slayer’s Path: A Broader Viewpoint 153
Carrying the dead: the way our past affects our present 154
You always have access to all that you need 154
Bring God here 155
The Slayer’s Motto: Heartache is Heart Opening 156
Depression is the new black 156
Nature’s way of self reflection 156
It’s not all black and white 158
Kudos to my parents 159
To be clear: color is not ethnicity 160
What I’ve learned about acceptance and compassion 160
No judgment here: but you’re a racist 161
How to hit a moving target 162
Educating our warrior force in laws of spirit 163
The Slayer’s Motto: All Things Will be Made Right 164
The journey to St. Joseph’s 164
The holy death 171
The Slayer’s Pact: Think for Yourself 175
Ignorance is a man’s best friend 175
Mass energetic support of an idea will change the outcome 176
Ignoramuses are moved easily 177
Refuse to be terrorized: No terrorism 177
When you have been abused 178
Completing the event 179
Completing the dynamic 180
What happens when you die 181
How I Met John and Adele Battle 187
The Slayer’s Ritual: Finding Your Transpersonal Cultural Beliefs 194
The Slayer’s Altar: Transpersonal Integration 195
Epilogue 197
Bibliography 198
Permissions 199
Other works by the author 200
About the Author 202


Praise for Heal Your Soul History
“An inspirational guide to using a soul’s long history to combat present-day
negative forces.”
Kirkus Reviews
“Heal Your Soul History will resonate with those interested in a life of peace
and wholeness. Passion over the subject matter is evident throughout.
The resultant tone is empowering and conversational. Some notions are
striking, particularly fresh ideas about the worth of tears, the potential
power of negative thinking, and the process of depression. The inclusion of
topics such as bigotry and cultural isolation is also refreshing...”
Margaret Fedder
Foreword Reviews
“…The book is a guide for both, the believers and non-believers of reincarnation,
as Dunblazier discusses spirituality extensively and how each unique
soul endures it differently. The book is worded in a straightforward style
and has easy-to-understand explanations…The book is for everyone who is
trying to find a new perspective on the mysteries of life, and particularly
for people who find human nature fascinating. FIVE STARS!”
“Excellent book on trying to understand the workings of the soul. Would
highly recommend to anyone undertaking the spiritual journey.”
Mrs. H Hornsby
“This book is a wonderful resource for healing. I finished it in one day, but I
know that the things I learned will stick with me for years to come.”
“A highly entertaining and thought provoking read! Anyone interested or
curious about past lives should definitely pick up this book. Dunblazier
crafted a deeply personal account of her and others’ spiritual experiences.
She also talks a lot about self-acceptance, love, and healing. Her words are
very moving and will give any reader pause for self-reflection.”
Good Reads Review
“The book is filled with dramatic case histories, and Tracee time and again
demonstrates her familiarity with a vast number of spiritual practices and techniques.
Written in a style that is personable and easy to read, we think that any
reader who is in need of assistance of slaying one’s personal demons—or
who wishes to help others slay theirs—will find this book invaluable.”
Brad and Sherry Steiger
Authors of Real Miracles, Divine Intervention, and
Feats of Incredible Survival, Totems, and many other books
“First of all, I think it’s important to mention that Heal Your Soul History is a
type of self-help book which doesn’t necessarily force you to accept or know,
a religion or spiritual beliefs, in order to find solutions for your questions
or challenges, which is what makes this book “work.” This self-help book
can be considered a spiritual guide to everyday living, yet it will make you
reflect upon your development as a person and the development of yourself,
or ego, or spirit - however you want to name it.
Heal Your Soul History is loosely written, but it gets to the point and does
not necessarily need to be read front to back, but you can jump to points
which are interesting or important to you. They are clearly described (identifying
a problem/finding solution/ why and how come you feel this way/
preventing issues). From loss and addictions to moving on after breakups
and self-acceptance, this book seems to have it all covered!”
Katarzyna Crawford
Good Reads Review
“In my line of work, we have many accouterments and strategies that are
meant to help us and others survive day to day experiences as well as
life threatening situations. It’s refreshing to have an author acknowledge
the need for “proper spiritual training” for warriors entering into battle.
Battles with demons: not only in the physical but on the spiritual planes as
well. We must learn to use those weapons of “energy, compassion, telepathy,
and presence” as well as the physical tools at our disposal. I’ve found
in reading both books of the series, that I’ve begun to utilize some of the
tools presented. The “Stop, Look, and Listen” exercise is not only spiritually
beneficial, but used in the real world, this strategy has helped me to
de-escalate situations, listen to and identify victims underlying fears and
needs, and find an inner peace and strength for those times that I have
lost focus.
As a graduate student in counseling: the books are helpful and I’ve recommended
them to colleagues. Speaking with consumers who see only doom
and despair, I can now provide some comfort and insight for them as well
as myself. As a Slayer, I am grateful for this powerful opportunity to understand
the many spiritual dimensions that others experience and to have the
clear, concise, and from the heart spiritual tools these books provide.”
Officer Eric Saavedra
Crisis Intervention Specialist, WPD
“This book will call into question much of what you think you know about
life—yours and that of others around you. One reading is not enough. I
found myself re-reading passages and gaining new insight into the writing
each time. That’s not to say that the stories aren’t engrossing; but the
messages beneath are profound, challenging and well worth a second and
third thought. I love the book’s ‘no excuses’ approach to understanding
and conquering the demons that plague us.”
Mariea Cromer
“This book made me laugh out loud! ...the book deals with some really difficult
topics, even so, I always felt inspired.”
Margay Erne

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