Conquer Your Karmic Relationships
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Your Karma Got You Down? Claim your history, own your power, and change your life! In this groundbreaking book, Tracee Dunblazier takes an in depth look at your karmic relationships: the spiritual imprints and repetitive patterns that position you in life. The restoration of every soul, and the systems that govern them, get an overhaul! Karma is not punishment and reward; it is the reassurance that we will inevitably experience all we are and all we have created for others through reincarnation and spiritual patterning. This wisdom will inspire change on every level. You will understand what karma is and learn all the ways to reveal, accept, forgive, and transform your connections in every dimension. Not only to your soulmate beloveds and romantic entanglements, but how you relate to food, money, family, culture, religion, sex, death, and your environment. Conquer Your Karmic Relationships: Heal Spiritual Trauma to Open Your Heart and Restore Your Soul, will help to unearth the very core of what drives you, showing how to direct its power into usable, life-giving resources for you and all your relations. This book will: Teach you how to recognize your karmic relationships and set boundaries within them. Encourage self-love through radical acceptance. Reveal what your spiritual patterns are and how to use them to your benefit or change what no longer serves you. Show you how to create the life you want through accepting others as they are, releasing shame, and finding tolerance.


Tracee Dunblazier GC-C, is a Los Angeles-based spiritual empath, shaman, and a seven-time national award-winning author. As a multi-sensitive, Tracee’s blend of intuitive information combined with different modalities, has provided the opportunity for many to achieve deep healing and create the success and peace they seek in their lives.
Empathic, delightfully vulnerable, and profoundly real—Tracee Dunblazier’s new keynote “Conquer Your Karmic Relationships” is an enlightening presentation that will open your mind to what is happening right in front of you: the multiple energetic dimensions we all share. No matter where you sit on the spectrum of understanding, Tracee makes tangible the connection between mental wellness and spirituality.
Dunblazier takes a look at your spiritual imprints and the repetitive patterns that position you in life on every level. Understanding what karma is, and learning all the ways to reveal, accept, forgive, and transform your relationships in every dimension. Not only to your beloveds and romantic entanglements, but how you relate to; food, money, family, culture, religion, sex, death, and your environment. This, sure to be standing room only seminar, will help you unearth the very core of what drives you—showing how to direct its power into usable, life-giving resources for you and all your relations.
Her compassionate, humorous, down-to-earth style empowers her clients, readers, and listeners to address difficult topics with courage and clarity. Because of this, Tracee is consistently called upon by the media for expert commentary on spirituality and relationship dynamics.
In 2015, Tracee founded GoTracee Publishing LLC. It has since grown to be a nationally awarded hybrid publisher that specializes in spiritual-healing memoirs, and divination oracle decks—tools for meditation and self-discovery. Their best-selling Demon Slayer’s Handbook Series and Rainbow Warrior Activation Deck offer light in dark places. They are game changers for those who suffer. GoTracee’s publications expand the reader’s understanding of spiritual transformation and offer the knowledge they need to live their best life.


Your Karmic Relationship to Food and Money, The Karmic Story: The Art of Remembering What’s Important, The Slayer’s Path: The Practice of Remembering, Learning, and Having, The Warrior’s Hidden Motto: Need Less, The Slayer’s Dilemma: How Much is Enough? The Slayer’s Motto: I Create My Reality, The Slayer’s Pact: The Choices I Make are an Extension of My Power, The Slayer’s Altar and Ritual: Living Wealthy
Your Karmic Relationship to Romantic Love and Your Ancestors, The Karmic Story: The Once and Disappointing King, The Slayer’s Path: Leave No Stone Unturned, The Slayer’s Pact: Harmony is Inevitable, The Slayer’s Altar and Ritual: Changing the Way You See Your Environment
Your Karmic Relationship to Others and the Environment, The Karmic Story: The Place Where All Things Are Possible, The Slayer’s Path: Harnessing Your Ability to Respond, The Warrior’s Hidden Motto: I Am Invisible, The Slayer’s Dilemma: Becoming Visible, The Slayer’s Motto: I Flow with a Changing World, The Slayer’s Pact: Harmony is Inevitable, The Slayer’s Altar and Ritual: Changing the Way You See Your Environment
Your Karmic Relationship to Authority, Fear, Hate, and Death, The Karmic Story: Building Walls and Bridges, The Slayer’s Path: Surrender To What Is—The Only Control You Have, The Warrior’s Hidden Motto: What I Don’t Understand Will Hurt Me, The Slayer’s Dilemma: Viewing the World with an Open Heart, The Slayer’s Motto: I Am Stronger than I Know, The Slayer’s Pact: Face What’s in Front of You, The Slayer’s Altar and Ritual: Face or Challenge the Things You Fear
Your Karmic Relationship to Sexuality, Creativity, Spirituality, and the Divine, The Karmic Story: The African Queen No One Remembered, The Slayer’s Path: The Practice of Forgiveness, The Warrior’s Hidden Motto: I am Unworthy, The Slayer’s Dilemma: Building Spiritual Integrity, The Slayer’s Motto: I Am at Peace with Myself and My History, The Slayer’s Pact: I am Free to Thrive, The Slayer’s Altar and Ritual: Making Your Home a Sacred Space


"Tracee is an inspiring, spiritual vessel who can connect with all of us in a soulful way, guiding us to connect with ourselves and the rhythm of the world around us....You will come away from reading her latest masterpiece truly comprehending the meaning of soulmates and spirituality." [From the Foreword]
-Christian McBride, Grammy Award-Winning Jazz Bassist and Composer
“This book is a deeply insightful guide about relationships on multiple levels, in multiple timeframes, and multiple forms. Karma serves as the thread of one’s intricate connections to multiple existences, both linearly and laterally. It provides an explanation for an individual to use in resolving major patterns of conflict that prevent the quality of life that one desires. Yet, it includes practical examples throughout the book that one can connect with and gain valuable insights about one’s self without becoming mired in complex conceptual ideas. A key element to conflict resolution is the courage to confront and resolve an associated fear, commonly experienced over lifetimes, until it loses its power of control. In a sense, this book might be described as a manual for life management—similar to Louise Hays’ classic—”You Can Heal Your Life.”
William A. Guillory, Ph.D.
Author of The Pleiadian Series: The Pleiadians; The Hunt for the Billionaire Club; The Consortium The Aftermath
“A semiautobiographical guide to the dynamics of karma in everyday life.
A Los Angeles–based shaman and “spiritual empath,” Dunblazier stays faithful to the spirit of her earlier books, which include Heal Your Soul History (2017). She sees karma as “the accumulation of the energy of all your actions and the responses to them over time and space”—in both your past and present lives—and says that in her past lives, she’s been an African tribal leader from around 1000 BCE and a French American from the 1900s. Each of the five parts of her book begins with a parable from one of her past lives and goes on to cover a range of everyday challenges from time management to how to handle feeling attracted to someone already in a relationship. At the end of each section, the author suggests a self-help ritual that can help you achieve a goal, such as “Free Yourself from the Opinion of Others.”
Dunblazier keeps her message positive, reflecting her belief that “regardless of your circumstances right now, your patterns do not obligate you to continue them if they no longer serve you,” and she packs an extensive amount of material into 325 pages. Not everyone will buy her views on subjects like demons or telepathy.... Nevertheless, even readers skeptical of whether they are reading the words of a reincarnated Chief Running Bear may be intrigued by her information on how people make use of concepts like totem animals. For most readers, this book will provide different ways of looking at things. And who wouldn’t want to believe, as the author does, that in the end “you are the master of your universe”? A personal view of karma, likely to appeal mainly to readers curious about reincarnation and related topics.”
Kirkus Reviews
“I was blown away by the amount of content covered in this life-changing book. From food, money and romantic partners to fear, creativity and spirituality, this comprehensive guide will help you heal your deepest wounds, even those you may not yet be aware of. This should be mandatory reading for anyone who wants to live a more peaceful and joyous life.”
Stephanie Chandler
CEO of the Nonfiction Authors Association and author of The Nonfiction Book Publishing Plan
“In a time where so many souls are seeking true guidance and wisdom, Tracee Dunblazier’s spiritual gift, Conquer Your Karmic Relationships, offers a powerful and accessible map to cultivate personal responsibility and global empathy. She combines profound metaphysical knowledge with insightful sanity, thus offering the reader tools and techniques to vanquish any karmic relationships. A must read for any truth seeker who wishes to shatter limiting illusions and trumpet their true empowerment.”
Austyn Wells
Spiritual Medium & Soul Gardener & author Soul Conversations: A Medium Reveals How to Cultivate Your Intuition, Heal Your Heart, and Connect with the Divine.
“Conquer Your Karmic Relationships takes the reader right into the undiscovered territory of healing the energy that you have carried over from your biological or spiritual past. Written in accessible, clear language, you’ll be guided through new, life-shifting understandings. This book will change how you perceive yourself and give you the tools needed for a radical transformation and breakthrough. Tracee Dunblazier has shined a light on trauma in a way that makes it safe to heal.”
Unicole Unicron,
“Though science has led us to see the quantum origins of our DNA and has given us a glimpse of the outer Universe, minimal science related to the study of living Life exists. Today, we better understand things and physical matter, but what occurs in the ethereal and spiritual realms remains undeclared. Tracee Dunblazier took on the task of unveiling some of the unseen realms of the ethereal-spirit-driven world, which, in part, embraces the practice of Holistic Psychology. She addresses those quagmires of communicating with our souls, getting a hold of the realms and the effects of karma, struggling to know our life’s purpose and mission, and how individuals coil at the moment needed to confront a situation, which tempts ourselves into denial and apathy.
Exploring the hard-to-believe unseen realities of life gleams excitement for me and serves as the frontiers of a new humanity. Caring for our brothers and sisters, and the planet intrinsically motivate me and my work endeavors. Ms. Dunblazier enables her readership to educate and participate in the ancient quest to achieve answers that the evolution of our consciousness challenges us to discover. Conquer Your Karmic Relationships serves as an excellent and challenging read for those who desire to break out of their comfort zone and awaken to the prosperities of the Light.”
Robert V. Gerard
Holistic Psychologist & Visionary Healer, Author of Change Your DNA, Change Your Life, Handling Verbal Confrontation: Take the Fear Out of Facing Others, and Divine Quick Fix Healings

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