Sweet Dreams Bed Time Stories For Wild And Woolly Kids
Great Kids Book- Great Potential- Really Different
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More About This Title Sweet Dreams Bed Time Stories For Wild And Woolly Kids


This is not your typical mamby-pamby children’s bedtime story book.
If your looking for a fuzzy-wuzzy duckie and rabbit book with a
smiley happy ending, you’ll be sadly disappointed, and more likely
shocked to the core-perhaps even scarred for life.

I am of course talking about you, the adult reading this book,
and NOT your kid. Kids are a lot tougher, being wild and woolly,
and perfect savages at heart. So keep that in mind. You’ll be horrified,
but your kid will be rolling about the floor laughing.
And that’s what its about. It’s not an adult book-its a book for kids.

This book tells the tales of terrifying beasts and creatures, dire
circumstances, and unfortunate outcomes. These pages are filled
with struggle, terror, and high adventure-something for every
kid worthy of the fine title of “Kid”.

This book THEY will love and enjoy...

Good reading ,

T.O. Greene


Mr. T. O. Greene fights a never ending battle with nature. He is a firm believer that nature should not be molly-coddled, but should be feared and attacked at every opportunity. “It’s you or nature-” is his philosophy. “And in the end nature wins, so you better get in your best licks while you still can.”

That fuzzy little bear cub; oh, so cute now, will soon grow into a horrific monster that will tear your head off! That cute little guppy, will grow
into a 15 foot bull shark that will take off your leg, arm, or both!

He is a writer of things, and draws pictures of the horrific battles of everyday people against the elements and the ferocious animal kingdom.

A proud graduate of Arizona State U., he has a degree in “The Noble Field of Purchasing”. “They don’t hand these purchasing diplomas out,
to every chimp in the forest.”

He eats meat often, and has many pets;
three cats and four chickens, right now.
When he does venture out of the bunker,
he’s heavily armed with sword and pistol.
Here is a rare picture of him and
his favorite chicken, Napoleon.
T.O. is the one on the right.

Best Wishes, And
Good Luck,
To All Of You...

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