37 Ways to Work from Home Today
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Are you struggling in this unprecedented time of economic dislocation and financial disruption? Are you unsure of what comes next and don’t know how to get back up on your feet?

In 37 Ways to Work from Home Today: Business Ideas You Can Start Now with Little to No Money or Specialized Training, a leading financial advisor and entrepreneur, Jim Palumbo, provides practical ideas and solutions to inspire and guide start your own home-based business. No matter where you are in life, you can get started using these 37 actionable ways to work-from-home with little to no money or specialized training!

Drawing from his experience mentoring individuals to financial success, Jim unlocks secrets to the whys and hows to help you get back on your feet and face the future and with confidence and in control of your financial destiny. Plus, as an additional bonus, a free white paper is available for download to help you thrive during the current COVID crisis available on JimPalumbo.com.

“I’m sharing my story to inspire you to succeed: to affirm that you can start a business from nothing and grow it into a multi-million-dollar enterprise and that working from home is not necessarily a barrier to your success but may actually be the launch pad for you to fulfill your dreams and aspirations. Let’s get started!” Jim Palumbo


JIM PALUMBO is the President and Founder of EvangAlliance, a non-profit multi-media ministry committed to empowering people around the world with the transformative message of hope.

He is also Principal and Chief Development Officer of Dynamic Advisor Solutions, a provider of professional services for the successful wealth advisor looking to elevate their practice to the next level. Prior to joining Dynamic, Jim was the founder and served as Chief Executive Officer of Oxford Asset Management. A veteran of the financial services industry, Jim has more than 25 years of experience, creating and managing organizations that create, grow and preserve wealth.

As a regular presenter at global broker dealer national and regional conferences, Jim's speaking engagements focused on helping others succeed.

Jim is an entrepreneur, teacher, evangelist, church planter, founding member of Times Square Church in New York City and serves on the board of directors for World Radio Network, Inc. and World Challenge, Inc. Jim resides in Colorado Springs with his wife and two children. An avid fly fisherman, he enjoys any outdoor activity that involves boating. His motto: "Only as we help others succeed, do we succeed ourselves." For more information, visit EvangAlliance.com.


Section One – Starting Your Home-Based Business
Section Two – New Life for Old Stuff
Section Three – Virtual Teaching
Section Four – Virtual Work: Words, Numbers, and More
Section Five – Culinary Delights
Section Six – Organizer & Experienced Merchandise
Section Seven – Crafty Stuff
Section Eight – Life Is A Highway
Section Nine – Guide to Your Virtual Store & Office – Tools for Online Commerce
Section Ten – Selling Your Services – Freelance Work
Section Eleven – Reasons For Being An Entrepreneur
Mini-Business Plan
About The Author


"Working from home is fine if you have a job, but what if you don't? To the rescue comes Jim Palumbo with his pithy book, 37 Ways to Work From Home Today. All you need is passion, perseverance, and a connection to the Internet. A wonderful resource for those who are newly unemployed, bored with retirement and seeking extra income or just want to take control of their financial lives". - Author of the Smartest series of books - Dan Solin

"Jim Palumbo knows his stuff and has given us a gift in this little book. A quick read, it offers a perfect blend of inspirational examples and specific ideas to take those all-important first steps. Well done Jim!
best-selling author and CEO of Inkling Associates Inc." - Kurt Bruner

"I believe that the true currency of business is relationships. This book is an invaluable gift full of ways you can launch a business and build relationships with people. Download it, read it, but most importantly do it!"
CEO of Relationology Ltd & Author of Relationology 101 - Matt Bird

"At a career cross-road in your life? Pick up Jim Palumbo's compact and stimulating read, 37 Ways.... Palumbo gives an encouraging invitation to online entrepreneurialism, showing how many different ways—including some for sure that you have not thought of—that you can earn money from home, especially in the post-corona world. Large sectors of our economy have just changed. This book will help you see what the knowledge, product and service industries landscape looks like now for you." Pastor & Author of Engendered - Sam Andreades

"I believe this could be one of the most valuable tools available for anyone to read, that has been affected financially by this global pandemic. If that's you, this book is a must read!
The author has wonderfully reminded us, that there are many ways with today's technology available at our fingertips, to re-create ourselves. Ideas to sustain and provide for our homes, from the comfort of your home.
May you rise to new heights in your journey of finding new opportunities!"
Publishing Professional, Founder of BookCoachLatino.com - Sam Rodriguez

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