Formation of Personal Charisma. The Integral Skill
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Charisma is a gift of Gods, a feature of rulers. Since ancient times, people have believed that charisma is only possessed by those bringing changes and new ideas to the world. It is true that only those who had this quality were able to realize the changes. Charisma is not a gift in its finished form, but some qualities that attract attention and suppress the will of other people. It makes the power of one’s actions limitlessly high and equal to efforts of a lot of people. Therefore, this quality can be developed. This manual is based on the experience and technologies of the DEIR School, taught during a famous workshop on creating personal charisma. Over time and with some practice, your abilities will improve and you will be able to control the process of influencing other people. Obviously, not everyone wants to develop this quality, but if you feel you wish to achieve success in the world of people, this book might be very helpful.