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Singapore of the near future has become the world capital of cutting-edge technology, money laundering, and entertainment. Consumption has reached its limit, morality has gone out of fashion, and religions have turned into fast food.
Mankind is mired in debauchery and excesses. And the elite has a new, special kind of entertainment — a digital drug called “Personal Realities”. They can satisfy the most vicious and criminal fantasy and, possibly, achieve digital immortality. Corporate spy Zoltan Vargo gets the task to penetrate the powerful media corporation preparing this drug for mass distribution. This is the key element for the launch of a new digital religion that promises windless pleasure and eternal life in a synthetic tailor-made reality. Zoltan should find out the essence of the ominous project, but he himself is drawn into a diabolical game: from a pornographic experiment on millions of people to the overthrow of all world religions. The turn of events suddenly breaks all his plans and Zoltan who has become the Dealer of Realities discovers one amazing truth...
• The most scandalous and contradictory release of the year
• One of the top-selling e-books in CIS countries
• The 2nd most popular book on (Russian’s top online book portal)
• More than 70K of Facebook and Instagram followers
• English translation available
• More than 143K copies downloaded and sold in audio, e-book,
• and paper formats in Russian, Ukrainian and Bulgarian