All green! / Tous écolos !

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More About This Title All green! / Tous écolos !


145 x 215 mm – Softcover – 112 pages - Ages: 9+
Tips, hacks and supporting explanations to finally be done with pessimistic speeches and to awaken the environmentalist in each of us!

Nowadays, children are probably greener than the adults, but they can lack explanations and practical advice to seize this essential issue in their daily life.
What are the causes of deforestation? Why is the sea so polluted? Are we all involved? Who can we go to in order to help? How to make organic insecticide, eat better and in accordance with the planet’s resources, and save energy at home? A book rich with big explanations and small pieces of advice to finally be reconciled with our beautiful Earth and, why not, to educate one’s parents.
Tables of contents:
1: Hello Planet Earth, what’s up?
2: Tips and hacks to go green at home
3: Full-fledged eco-citizens