Yo exploro y cuido mi planeta *I explore and take care of my planet

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More About This Title Yo exploro y cuido mi planeta *I explore and take care of my planet


We are all born explorers. We like to discover and know new things since we are toddlers. Great discoveries have happened thanks to our curiosity! But over time, sometimes, it seems that this curiosity disappears, like a flame is slowly dying out thanks to distractions that are not bad but are "dangerous", if they are used excessively: TV, cell phones and gamers consoles. You, they say, should only look at the world through screens. But, the world is much more than that, and it is not virtual!That's why we invite you to go out to the analogic world with magnifying glasses, shovels, snorkeling equipment and flashlights, in order to discover how amazing our planet is. Even only with your senses ... The more you know different aspects of it and fall in love with its landscapes, its cycles and transformations, the more you will worry about not damaging it. Today the Earth is in danger due to global warming and we must all help it heal. You have a lot to live, and there are others who will come after you! Here you will find different activities that will help you take care of the planet and become an agent of change that explores, respects, protects and defends the environment.