Virginia Was a Spy

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There was no one quite likeVirginia Hall.As a girl,Virginia played the roles of explorer, pirate, and animal collector. And when she grew up, Virginia was a spy! As an American agent working rst for the Allies during World War II and then for the CIA thereafter, Virginia had many aliases: she was a reporter, milkmaid, cheese-maker, Most Wanted. But who was Virginia, really? At heart, she was a fighter and a hero. Inspired by true events, this adventurous picture book brings to life the story of a one-of-a- kind woman.

Catherine Urdahl is a children’s book author.This is her first book for Creative Editions. She lives near Minneapolis.

Gary Kelly is an award-winning illustrator. His books include Next Year, The Navajo Code Talkers, and Harlem Hell ghters, all published by Creative Editions. He lives in Cedar Falls, Iowa.