7 Great Composers: 7 Hits of Russian Composers

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More About This Title 7 Great Composers: 7 Hits of Russian Composers


The interactive book "Russian Classics" of the series "Great Composers" was created by a whole team of illustrators. Each artist painted images and paintings, listening to his chosen melody. The book includes key works of the great Russian classics - Tchaikovsky and Shostakovich, Rimsky-Korsakov and Prokofiev, Khachaturian, Stravinsky, Schnittke. By clicking on the button, the child can listen to excerpts from key works of the classics, learn a little about the composers themselves, and also learn how to connect music and painting in their imagination. The collection "Great Composers" teaches the child to develop a sense of beauty, to "see" music first through the eyes of the artist, and then by his own.
The sound module built into the book includes 7 pieces of music, the duration of each fragment will be about 20 seconds.