A Tale of a Knight Who Had a Toothache

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More About This Title A Tale of a Knight Who Had a Toothache


Age: 5+
Pages: 40
Year: 2018
Size: 16 x 20 cm
Keywords: healthy living, humour, easy to read
Awards: International Jānis Baltvilks Prize in Children's Literature and Book Art for the best debut in 2019
English translation available.
Once upon a time there lived a knight who loved to eat candies. The treacherous candies hurt the knight’s teeth and he decided to fight them with his sword. Even though he destroyed all the candies in the kingdom his teeth didn’t stop hurting. Eventually the knight had to take the advice given to him by a little girl and go see a dentist. When his toothache was cured, the knight decided to change his career and started making sugar-free candies.