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A book of bookfiles presenting 80 of the world’s most famous books. From Anna Karenina to Harry Potter, it describes some of the biggest bestsellers of all time and from all over the world. “Luckily, we couldn’t fit in every book in the world but our sixth sense tells us we’ve picked the best ones, the ones you haven’t read and which you can embrace the spoilers for all by yourself!”
* For each book, there’s a full bookfile including author, original language, year of publication, literary genre and even a sample quote... to give you a taste of how talented the author is, the literary style and the scope of the story.
* Each book has a spoiler rating, depending on whether it could make you feel faint, make your hands itch or just slide right off you like a bead of sweat down your back. In other words, think carefully before reading a 5-star spoiler.