A Physician Was Branded a Murderer
The Winner of the Chommanard Book Prize - The Best of Non-Fiction
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More About This Title A Physician Was Branded a Murderer


I turned to Khun Nong’s husband standing in the doorway of the pre-delivery room, the same spot where he had spoken to the nurse. With the basket still in his hands, he looked at me, collecting the last bit of his consciousness to produce words. His voice was coarse.

“Doctor, how is my wife?”

At a small rural hospital in Thailand, the deaths of a woman and her unborn child lead to a years-long legal battle. Accused of negligence, the physician faces jail time and is ostracised by her community. As her reputation and her marriage crumble, the mother-of-two vividly describes her painful but invaluable lessons. Winner of the Chommanard Book Prize, A Physician Was Branded a Murderer is her story.


Chapter 1 Letters in a Box 7
Chapter 2 Overcast by Troubles 12
Chapter 3 Punishment by the People 19
Chapter 4 Victimized 23
Chapter 5 Fighting the Good Fight? 28
Chapter 6 Battle Strategy 33
Chapter 7 Standing on the Other Side 38
Chapter 8 Phen and Oxytocin 45
Chapter 9 Multidisciplinary Treatment 54
Chapter 10 Amniotic Flow 59
Chapter 11 Rock Bottom 65
Chapter 12 True Friends Never Leave 70
Chapter 13 We Are Family 76
Chapter 14 Under the Executives’ Wing 81
Chapter 15 Friendly Fire 85
Chapter 16 From Caution to Doubt 88
Chapter 17 How to Stay Out of Jail 92
Chapter 18 The Big Impact of Big Ass 96
Chapter 19 Sweeping Back the Sea with a Broom ...........................98
Chapter 20 Time to Change Plans? 102
Chapter 21 Brother Beyond 108
Chapter 22 I Believe in You, Mama 112
Chapter 23 Offering a Monk’s Robe and Good Wishes 116
Chapter 24 Same Path, Different View 119
Chapter 25 Bitter Meals from Heaven and Hell 123
Chapter 26 Stage Fright on Trial Day 129
Chapter 27 Going Alone but Not Lonely 134
Chapter 28 Defendant’s Blues 137
Chapter 29 Life Is Full of Surprises 139
Chapter 30 Strategy, Strategy, Strategy 145
Chapter 31 Winning Isn’t Everything 149
Chapter 32 From Battlefield to Negotiation 151
Chapter 33 Light at the End of the Tunnel 158
Chapter 34 Warrior Tears 160
Chapter 35 The Courage to Make Friends 163
Chapter 36 A Drop of Water in the Desert 167
Chapter 37 Dreams of Motherhood 170

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