Trusting Through The Tears
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Living a faithful Christian life will always hold the possibility of trouble and difficulty, but how do you cope when the troubles come one after another? A chronic long-term illness, miscarriage, a difficult pregnancy and premature baby, the unexpected death of a little girl, a child suffering with mental illness, all against a background of struggles with finances and so many other things that ‘dark times’ seems a fearfully inadequate description. It is one thing to read of such things in the life of perhaps a missionary or some great saint, but how does an ordinary family in an ordinary city in the UK cope?


Keren has been married to Steve for 25 years. They have 5 children aged from 22 to 11, and live in Liverpool where Keren settled after university and taught music before having children. She now works part time from home in the craft industry and in her spare time loves sewing, reading and baking anything with calories! Keren and Steve are members of their local church and have a heart for supporting and encouraging those who are suffering.