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More About This Title Loosed


Loosed is the disturbing account of Celine G.’s life and how faith triumphs over evil.

Growing up the privileged child of a wealthy African businessman, Celine assumes her life will be nothing but idyllic. That is until she is seduced by a sadistic pedophile at age 11. She naively goes on to marry the deviant, only to find out her groom is also a sociopath. Her next few years are filled with beatings and rape, until one night she is almost murdered.

Knowing that her husband’s next fit of rage will kill her, Celine takes her four children and escapes just in the nick of time. However, she only finds herself thrust into a new hell―a frightening world filled with abject poverty, sexual exploitation, psychological trauma, and predators of all kinds. And yet Celine survives.

How did a broken woman manage to transform her tragic life?


Loosed is a testament to the faith and strength of one woman who not only survived atrocities, but became successful beyond her wildest dreams. Celine is now on a mission to help other women leave emotional abuse and physical violence behind and live extraordinary lives―like her.