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More About This Title Observe


The book Observe is an illustrated guide for learning Mindfulness. It provides simple ideas for helping us to slow down and become better observers so that we can move calmly through our days and have greater peace of mind.


Terrie Mourningdove MA, earned her Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and Art Therapy from Naropa University in 1998. She is a former Catholic Nun who has worked as a Teacher, Therapist and Illustrator. Regardless of what she does, it is her life’s aim to always be aware of the sacred reality within her and be able to see it in everyone else. Terrie has more than 50 years of experience in the study and practice of meditation and is now enjoying its benefits by going with the flow more easily than ever.


Whether you are experienced at meditation or brand new to it, Observe has inspiration on many levels. A book worth checking out!

— Joseph C. Tomko, Electrician, Seeker

In my practice as a clinical psychotherapist, I have found there is no better way to introduce people to a calming, peaceful, thoughtful state of mind. “Observe” has now become standard practice for me to provide a copy to my new clients embarking on a ‘mindfulness’ journey.

— Joanne Carwithen, LPCC-SUPV, LSW, BCPC, MAC

Easy read! Insightful! Found ways to relax and rejuvenate. It should have benefits for my golf game.

— Daniel J. Kanzic, Engineer

As I took the time to enjoy a walk, I remembered so many things introduced in this book. I want to share this book with everyone - especially those feeling stress.

— Jackie Lynn M. Brown, PhD, USAF, Author

‘Observe’ is a thoughtful book that has given me the knowledge to introduce meditation and forms of observation into my own life as well as with the students in my high school classroom. Love this book.

— Amy Lynn Tovey, Biology Teacher, Australia

Such insight into how simply ‘observing’ rather than reacting gives us more control over our lives. I really liked the workable tools presented in this book to help improve focus and manage everyday stress.

— Judith Philipbar, D.C., D.A.B.C.O., F.M.P.