The Caretaker
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Steve Turphin found it easy to honor a promise to his now deceased grandfather to care for and protect Sebastian's Wildlife Sanctuary. Then without warning, Walter Kohlborg, an aggressive developer from Hollis Homes, chose the park for his next condo complex. How is Steve, who shuns public attention, going to counter this developer who promises more tax money for the city, more jobs for Aspen Grove citizens, and greater park safety? Steve's love and appreciation for his grandfather means he must meet this threat as his grandfather would - with respect and resolute firmness.


Ken Saik is a retired social studies teacher who is now free to pursue another of his passions--writing fiction and poetry and teaching creative writing classes. His involvement in local politics and love of active citizenship inspired his high school students and his latest novel, The Caretaker. To date he has published three other novellas and two novels. Saik lives in Edmonton Alberta Canada.