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More About This Title Olivia


Olivia and Miguel live in the village of the Rainbow Tree. Like many young girls, Olivia would like to be a princess. Olivia wonders what it would be like to be a real princess and live in a castle. Miguel suggests that they should visit the old woman who lives in the village. Olivia has never met the old woman and wonders how she should talk to an old person. After school, Miguel takes Olivia to meet the old woman. The old woman tells Olivia that she was a princess and lived in a castle. The old woman said that the castle did not have electricity, did not have computers, did not have the internet and did not have telephones. After visiting the old woman, Olivia wonders whether she truly wants to be a real princess.

This story shows that it is easy to talk to older people and that older people can share their knowledge and experience. Additionally, Olivia learns that imagining being a princess might be more fun than being a real princess.